Who’d Know If She Was Worried?

ABC is pulling Commander in Chief despite Geena Davis’s Golden Globe win as best actress.

Thank god.

I gave up watching the show after two episodes — mostly because I can’t stand Geena Davis, whose wooden acting consisted of looking like a deer caught in headlights whenever some grave matter of state arose. I probably wouldn’t have watched past the first episode, either, had it not been for my morbid fascination with her forehead.

It doesn’t move. Ever.

Not when she learned the President died and his aides wanted her to resign rather than following Constitutional procedures and assuming the Presidency. Not when she had to tell her husband — formerly her Chief of Staff — that she was naming someone else to the position. Not when it looked like her teenaged daughter’s diary, complete with the standard hormonal rants about what an awful mother she has, looked like it might have fallen into her political opponents’ hands. Never.

I wondered for a while whether Ms. Davis had simply had too much botox, but then I caught a re-run of Thelma and Louise and realized that her alleged acting abilities all reside below her brow, and maybe below her famously full pout, too. (On an entirely different topic: it really is odd looking at old movies and seeing just how much whiter actors’ teeth are these days. Freaky.)

This, of course, does not explain how the hell she won a Golden Globe award. Considering the other winners — Felicity Huffman, who played a man preparing for sex-change surgery in “Transamerica”, Phillip Seymour who played gay author Truman Capote in “Capote” and the smash hit Homo, Homo on the Range Brokeback Mountain — maybe the judges simply got confused by Ms. Davis’s 6-foot frame and mistook her for a man playing a woman playing a mannequin.